Hello Salyma

20 August
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I'm a Canadian born woman of european descent. I work part-time and attend my local university to work towards a Bachelor of Arts for Communication and Culture. I love fashion, decor and art. My love of these things coupled with an interest in still life photograhy have led to me to a love of dolls as well; I especially adore ABJD (Asian Ball-Joint Dolls).

I love nature and being outdoors. I especially love forested areas and "forest" animals like deer, foxes, etc. I've always felt most at peace sitting outside - especially up in the branches of a tree. Because of my love for nature I'm a big fan of eco-friendly things as well.

Tea is not simply a refreshment to me. I love it and drink atleast 3-5 cups a day; Primarily green tea and herbal teas. They relax you, bring a smile to your face and can be both good for you health and soul. My cupboard has an entire shelf dedicated to tea.

I used to be fairly active in the lolita community years ago but quit. Recently I have decided to dabble in it again. Maybe oneday I'll have a gorgeous closet full of frills again. At the least I intend to have a lovely wardrobe of classic and otome styles.