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Dec. 27th, 2012


(no subject)

I knew it had been a bad semester but the fact that I hadn't posted here at all just really reminds me about that. I haven't made any purchases in quite a while (no money or interest) but my lovely best friend came home from Japan for Christmas and brought me many lolita gifts. A ChocoChip Blouse and JSK, a BtSSB Cutsew and Salopette, an amazing IW JSK and some IW socks.

I've already worn the IW JSK and Baby cutsew out and about quite a few times. I absolutely adore them, and it seems like everyone who sees them does too. They're simple but very feminine and elegant I think. I expect that the other items will be well recieved as well, but they are lighter weather material or print to me so I haven't worn them out and about as of yet. It's been ridiculously cold!

On the note of the cold - my darling friend also bought me a Rillakuma Kigurumi! I am practically living in it right now, it's just *so* warm. Of course when we drove over to visit my Auntie I wore it over. They all laughed and thought it was quite cute. As a bonus - my Aunt is older and her house is pretty cold usually... but I was toasty warm in my Kigu.

There, now this poor journal is a little revived.

Sep. 26th, 2012



Of all things to be horribly stuck on - I can't decide what to buy first. Black or brown footwear. I think I know what style of shoe I'd like to get for now but I can't decide between those two colours.

Brown works nicely with most of my clothes,and I have seen it worn with black dresses without looking horrid. However, once I get a black blouse/cutsew it would be great to do a Kuro coordinate. Most of the items will of course look fine with black shoes but then they may also throw the colour balance off for a few coordinates I'd like to do.

Ugh. Lolita problems.

That being said deciding on where to get a pannier from is also being a pain. I want more of an aline shape. Cupcake is fine for sweet but I like more of an aline poof for classic.

Sep. 24th, 2012


Sweet Lolita

Sweet lolita, particularly OTT sweet lolita seems to be one of the most popular styles right now. Many girls look quite cute in it, especially the younger girls that didn't seem to be around in the fashion so much before.

That being said, I've very quickly realized that I absolutely have no interest in wearing it. I was going to wear classic sweet or casual sweet some days but I really don't feel right in it. I've been teetering back and forth about my BtSSB skirt because of this. I've worn classic a few times now and not only did I feel much more comfortable but I think it looks much better.

I love pink very much... but I don't think it needs to be a part of my wardrobe. Or atleast it should be a very small part of it and more adult shades of pink. Dusty rose over the sugary sweet or bright colour palettes.

The way I do my make-up day to day is more natural and mature and lends itself well to classic style as well. My personality and tastes are more accurately reflected in it. So I wonder, why did I get so caught up in sweet? Because it's so overwhelming in volume in all the communities and lolita media? Because many of the most popular lolita and alternate fashion bloggers seem to wear sweet? I think between the fact that I appreciate cute, and seeing so many girls treat it as normal I expected it to work out for me as well. That was naive of me.

I wish the girl in my class who likes sweet lolita would fit the clothes I've bought so far. She's still young and would look really adorable in it. But most of these just fit me or even one cutsew is too small and her build is larger than mine. It's dissapointing to not be able to share and contribute to someone locally.

All right, just wanted to rant about all this again. Fun times.

Sep. 10th, 2012


Sweet, Fairy and Pastel!

AKA Sweet Lolita, Fairy Kei and Pastel Goth! Yup, despite trying my darndest I'm in love with these fashions too much to resist. I ordered a few bodyline items to try out sweet lolita that I could wear around home and cons more... and then today bought an AP OP (Well a classic style BtSSB JSK too lol) and am waiting for an invoice for a cutsew. I hope the cutsew is still available anyway, it's perfect for casual... but if not I have other tops on the way and will just hunt for a different cutsew.

Last time I concentrated so much on being a proper lolita that I bought blouses and headdresses all the time... I didn't even like the blouses much that I had (So I'm trying to be more careful this time) and I didnt' like how I looked in the headdresses. I'm kind of glad that they're not "in style" anymore. Some peices are cute but alternative options are more acceptable now and that's a relief for me. Although this time around I'm not so worried about "doing it right". Some days I will wear JSK with no blouse or Cardigan (Never to a meet-up though haha). I will wear more tights than socks. I will not wear a panier half the time because I will be wearing the items casually, otome and fairy kei rather than just worrying about lolita.

I'm ready to start building a wardrobe that I can mix and match and make work for me. I want to balance it for work, school and my spare time. I'm kind of excited but scared too. I'm going to try and not over think things this time. I don't want the fun ruined again.

Sep. 8th, 2012


Still struggling to build perfection...

I'm still struggling to build the perfect wardrobe. I missed out on what would have been a wonderful fancier JSK. A pale yellow floral IW piece, I was so sad to miss out on it but I'm sure another great piece will show up and scream at me. That being said, most of what grabs me now is IW. Most of my wardrobe so far and my wishlist are IW brand items.

Now if I could only break this addiction to Chiffon a little bit and get some cotton dresses. I think that would lend to my wish of wearing it on a more daily basis. I don't mind looking dresses but being to tone it down with cotton vs chiffon would be great. I really need to find a skirt that I adore too. I think skirts are more challenging to wear casually for me, because I'm worried they'll just look funny without a petticoat... but I would rather dress more otome than lolita for work and university.

I'll keep looking for good deals and buying from Innocent Worlds website here and there until I find the right items. Hopefully the tops I bought will work well. I bought a BtSSB cutsew but it didn't fit me well at all and was too sweet for me. I would feel strange dressing too sweet for work especially - after all I work with business students and the other visitors are usually law.

I'm still thinking about selling my Metamorphose blouse. I really really adore the fit of it, the material and the colour... but I absolutely hate the giant man eating peter pan collar. It's just a ridiculously large collar. I think removing that one extra layer of frill will make it usable but I'm still abit weary. I think taking it in to the tailors and getting a price estimate might help me decide. It'll "ruin" the value but honestly I think sometimes the lolita brands over do it! It may be worth my while to see if they'll reattach the ribbons to the baby skirt too. It didn't work for me even after that minor modification. It was much better... but still too sweet. :( I adore the print but I know that Innocent World does florals... and after seeing that pale yellow JSK I really think that eventually I'll find one I love that is more classic/otome than sweet.

Otherwise my biggest challenge is finding reasonable quality jewelery that I'm willing to pay for. I was too spoiled with 10 for $10 at Claire's and they haven't been doing it! I want one of those darned victorian styled watch necklaces but the one they sell is over $20 and I'm hoping it will go on sale. I'd love to find more tights too. I have only found one ivory pair that was perfect and I can't find more of them... and I can't find any print tights that work for me either. Or lovely lace ones. It would be nice to have more cardigans/bolero too but so far no luck in finding more. That thrift store find has been an amazing blessing because it works with everything but I don't want to JUST have that one and look the same by wearing the same sweater and tights all the time. -_- And sock are ano for me. My calves are quite round and it would look odd, tights are much more flattering. (Although as winter approaches socks and boots may win out anyway).

Aug. 29th, 2012


My wardrobe is slowly coming to be...

So as I had worried, the blue baby dress simply is too sweet and over the top for me. It also is much too large for my frame as well. The bodyline JSK I bought is also too large for me, but I prefer the brown colour way which I purchased the skirt in. The skirt fits quite nicely and I am happy with it. I am still mixed about the floral BtSSB skirt I purchased. It's an absolutely gorgeous print and I really adore it but the colour is rather sweet. I removed two large OTT bows from the front (I want to make them pins) and am going to try wearing the skirt this way. I purchased a white BtSSB cutsew the other day and it was just shipped so I am excited to try it with my chiffon JSK and the baby skirt. I was hoping to snag an AP cutsew in black tonight but someone beat me to the punch on pming the seller. :( Oh well, white was more important anyway!

That being said, I'm still madly in love with my Metamorphose lucky pack items. I also absolutely adore my thrifted H&M bolero for them and am head over heals for my IW Blue Chiffon JSK. I wore it today with the bolero, cream stockings and some black kitten heels, and minimal accessories. I looked quite dressy compared to the people at the mall, and more so the peoople at the thrift store haha. The best part of my day was at the thrift store though. A little girl, 4-5 by the looks of her, pointed at me saying, "See mommy, see!?". She was really excited! I think her mom was embarassed so I smiled and waved at the little girl and she gave me the sweetest smile and wave back.

Ahhh, I really love when little girls get excited about the dresses! I remember wearing sweet lolita to the mall years ago and two young girls came up to me to tell me they loved my outfit. I even had adults stop me and ask about the dresses because they really loved them. It always makes me really happy. The ignorant people are worth putting up with for these lovely souls. That being said, I definitely feel safer in classic lolita than I did walking around in sweet. It looks dressy but doesn't stand out quite so drastically I suppose. I don't live in the best part of town or take transit with the most charming of souls some days, so the less I stand out the better.

Hopefully soon I will get another blouse, cutsew and bolero/cardigan! I'd love to find another pair of shoes and more tights too. Otherwise I'm already feeling pretty happy with how my wardrobe has already shaped up in less than a monthes time! :)

Aug. 9th, 2012


(no subject)

I feel really stupid about my purchasing thus far. Don't get me wrong, they're beautiful peices but at the same time I'm worried they should have been the type I waited to buy later on when I had an established wardrobe. I'm trying not to think about it too much because they haven't even arrived yet and I may love them to bits and pieces once they're here. Knowing I would like to take a more classic approach means I should have been focusing on ivory, browns, wines, and some of my beloved florals. Not the shades of pink and blue I'm already ending up with.

I know I can sell them if I don't like them or think they won't work... but if they're really beautiful hard to get pieces then I'll be scared to sell them too. God knows I'll never see my Marie Antionette OP from BtssB that I sold from the last time I was into lolita. So finding any of these again (in a price I'm willing to pay anyway) would be extremely hard or impossible probably.

Oh well, for now I'll just start planning on how to reorder and redecorate my room. Well that, and shop for some nice accessories that will work. I have some nice jewelery but not much and it isn't very lolita friendly. The most friendly things I own currently are my ribbon ring from Guess, some vintage pictures/boxes from my Mother and my Aunt, and the gorgeous $5 three knobbed rose hook I recently snagged. -sigh-

I have such a very long way to go. Worse yet it's my own fault.

TIme to quit whining and go walk the dogs and get the mail.

Aug. 8th, 2012


Struck again!

So I've bought another blue JSK, a Sax coloured on from BtssB to be more specific. I saw it and was smitten and bought it on complete impulse. I'm a little worried it's too fancy to wear day to day though... not that my Innocent World isn't fancy but it can pass as a regular dress a little easier. Still, it's gorgeous and Baby was my favourite brand before. Here's the dress on lolibrary.

I also bought a BtssB skirt! Terrible spending habits here. It's pink and a floral print, so in other words it is everything I am a sucker for. It is gorgeous and very lolita and yet I think I could easily wear it day to day which makes me very excited to get it. It's this lovely piece here.

I'm going to need some tights, socks and another bag. Definitely need a pair of shoes and one or two cardigans/boleros. A couple of blouses and/or cutsews too. Eek. And another skirt. I won't buy another JSK until I know what I get from my Metamorphose lucky pack and the others arrive. Then I can make sure I like everything and want to keep it... or that I don't and sell it and pick a different JSK. For now I'm trying to limit myself to 3 JSK, 2-3 Skirts, 2-3 blouses & cutsews and 1-2 cardigans/boleros. I only want one pair of shoes to start, and to buy one more bag. I don't expect to have many tights or socks, and most will be similar and simple in off-white or other such colours. I would like to slowly amass some accessories though... I haven't decided how many yet.

I won't be buying many accessories unless they are classic though. I really love classic lolita. Looking through the wardrobe posts really made me realize how much more I adore the style. The sweet lolita clothes can be cute but I got bored of those wardrobes almost right away, they didn't do anything for me. The Classic lolitas however... their items just took my breath away. This is why the sax BtssB dress is iffy though... it's more sweet but at the same time it is elegant so I think that maybe it'll be okay. I hope the Innocent World dress works out well too. I know it's blue but it is also a very elegant dress I think. I suppose the skirt could be seen as very sweet, especially being the pink colour... but I just adore the florals (I have a ton of florals in my "regular" wardrobe already) and it seems perfect for work or school wear.

I feel like I have more direction this time. Last time I had all sorts of styles, and cuts, all over the place. I didn't know what brands I really liked, what fit well, etc. I know what style I really like now, what kinds of prints, what accessories I hate (bonnets and headdress and oversized bows =w=; I look like an idiot in them). I like to think I will not end up a total ita this time. I was definitely still abit of a weeaboo and an ita the last time I was in lolita. It's been a few years though and I've grown up alot, and have alot more knowledge. I will work very hard to learn to coordinate and get proper critique if needed. I know some don't, but I really like to take my lolita seriously. It's important to me.

Aug. 2nd, 2012


EGL Sales got me again /facepalm

I really think Fairy Kei and Sweet Lolita are so cute. I knew I wanted to do more toned lolita this time around however but still thought I would start with a simple and cute sweet lolita wardrobe. However, the more I look at items for sale and imagine trying to work them into my regular wardrobe and daily life, the more I want to start with the wardrobe I had planned for second; Classic lolita. I love florals in anything, and I love the mature and elegant look of it. And now, after falling for another item on the sales community, it seems I will be building my classic lolita wardrobe first.

I've always liked Innocent World but have never owned anything from them. However when I saw this dress in blue for $100 USD shipped worldwide, I had to jump on it. Although I certainly wish I could also snag this beauty in Milk Tea as well... Another perfect dress to dream about.

Thinking about it, my room is sort of in between the two styles as well. Either way, it will be nice to have a few pieces again.

Jul. 31st, 2012


EGL Community Sales is dangerous

I don't know why I keep looking on the EGL Community Sales... I can't afford to be spending a bunch of money right after the lucky pack. However I do feel lucky to have snagged a petticoat today off there. Off-white since white was already sold out. Better than black though! It looks like it gives some poof so it may help tide me over until I can afford a good pannier like I used to have. Or if I'm really lucky it will remove the need to buy one.

That being said, I have to keep resisting JSK and skirts. I've resisted a few bags as well but it's primarily the wearables that tempt me. I'm trying to hold off until I know what I get from Metamorphose as well though. If I get a blouse I really like then finding cordinate peices will be smart. I'd like to get some skirts this time around so I can wear casual lolita. Last time it was all JSK and OPS and no skirts. I only had a couple of blouses as well... and I wasn't overly fond of either at the end of the day.

Once I know what Metamorphose sent me and what I want to keep (hopefully all of it) then I can start shopping around locally too. 10 for $10 sale rack at Claire's can have alot of junk but I have also gotten some really nice pieces. I've gotten more comments about some of that $1 junk jewelery than I can count... and that's impressive because I've only had most of them for maybe 2 monthes.Other than that I'd also like to snag some fake nails, especially a cute pair of Deco nails. But again, no point until I know how to coordinate.

Teased myself agian today with dolls too. I've owned JP Dolls (Pullips, Dals, Taes) and BJDs (LUTS and Fairyland Primarily) before but currently do not own any dolls of any type. Part of me wants Dals again or even a Pullip because I had alot of fun customizing them and stalking down cheap outfits for them that were cute. On the other hand I really adore MSD, especially luts KDF for some reason and now they have the "romantic" body which looks adorable. Not to mention the clothes would be far more gorgeous. But then I've finally come to appreciate the aesthetic of Dollfie Dream. In particular I think the Mini Dollfie Dream are really cute! All options are pricey or get pricey quickly though so none of them will be anytime soon. I'll still tease myself though.

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